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Develop Resilient Leadership

Leverage your years of experience to navigate professional obstacles

Resiliency is the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity and change. Given world events of the last few years, no one would argue that resiliency is needed in abundance these days.

One of the key characteristics of a resilient leader* is the ability to prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health. Strong leaders recognize the importance of keeping their bodies and minds in tip-top shape and the risks of not doing so.

We may be in tough times, but experienced leaders recognize that we have faced tough times before and will get through this too. They have the maturity and experience not to let world events or work challenges paralyze them and their teams into not delivering their best.

Actionable steps resilient leaders can take now include:

  • Leveraging your experience to bring solutions and options to tough professional challenges.

  • Bringing empathy to your teams and peers while also gently re-focusing them on the task or project at hand.

  • Encouraging them to seek help where needed. This month is Depression and Mental Health Awareness month, and we should all learn to recognize the signs and lend encouragement and support where we can.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and bring our most energetic, clear-minded talents to the challenges we face coming out of a pandemic and in the midst of a recession.

For other characteristics of a resilient leader, check out, So What Are The Seven Characteristics of Resilient Leaders by Persimmon.

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