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Our Story

Catherine Valyi

Having been caught off guard when an unexpected professional shift hit, Catherine sprang into action to start her own company and develop her network.  Now an entrepreneur and marketing consultant, she is determined to help professional women be prepared because just working harder, doesn’t work anymore.  Women with Dynamic Purpose is designed to not only wake experienced professional women up to the risks they face but to also provide them with concrete tools, steps, and support to ensure they continue to be wildly successful.

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Emmy Weber

Passionate about mentoring professional women, Emmy spends her days guiding the marketing department of a major healthcare IT company, and many a morning or weekend helping her large network wherever she can. Recognizing a growing trend of new challenges in her network, she supports Women with Dynamic Purpose, to reach and equip more women to be successful in their careers as they age.  It’s been an exciting journey bringing it all together and one that her amazing husband and three teenage boys have supported all the way.  The dog, well she’s still not too happy about it.

Be dynamic as you dare!

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 Our Mission

We support mature women to survive and thrive during professional shifts. Provide actionable and tangible information to take the right steps towards your personal success, and to be as dynamic as you dare. 






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