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5 Quick LinkedIn Tips for 2020

We are almost through the first month of 2020 and if you haven't taken a few minutes to do a quick check-up on your LinkedIn profile, now is the time to run through these tips to make sure your profile is ready for the new year.

  1. Update your picture. Everyone hates to do this but make it recent, make it a headshot, eyes facing the camera, and smile. This is not the social media site to get artsy or cutesy on, this is your professional site. Still not sure you need a picture? Check out the article below and then get snapping and loading.

  2. Review & update your contact information. It's not much of a networking site if you have an old email or phone number. And don't forget to customize your LinkedIn URL and use that on resumes etc.. to make it really easy for people to find you on the site.

  3. Update your profile. Click through the options using Add Profile Section. This will jog your memory on updates for your job history, recent courses or certifications you have completed, volunteer projects and more that can really update your profile.

  4. Join or exit LinkedIn Groups. Groups are a great way to get more out of the site. Exit groups you are not participating in or that are no longer of interest and add a few ones that are on topics of focus for this year.

  5. Plan to be engaged. Check your Messaging section to see if you have unread messages? Are you being responsive to your network? Are you being of service? If not, commit to checking in on your site for a few minutes at least once a week to respond to messages, comment, like, and share content.

One bonus tip, you can easily turn off push notifications when you are making updates to your profile so your network does not get bombarded with updates and your boss thinks you are job hunting. Turn those updates off by going into Settings & Privacy in your account and in the Privacy Section under How Others See Your LinkedIn Activity, toggle to No on the section Share Job Changes, Education Changes, and Work Anniversaries from profile.

With a little care and feeding, your LinkedIn profile will be ready for 2020.

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Emmy Weber, Co-founder, Women With Dynamic Purpose

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