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Building a Health Team

Today, it seems that every health care practitioner is a specialist and you often get conflicting advice and direction. Who's looking at the big picture of your health? You are. We are each in charge of managing our own health.

So, I view healthcare resources as consultants on my health team. Sometimes I think their advice and opinions are great and other times I find they are way off the mark. They can't know all the nuances of my family history, my situation, or my health goals but their professional opinions are super important to my decision making.

So, how do you build a personal health team?

1. Know and document your family history and share it with members of your health care team, not just once, keep reminding them. There are loads of online tools to help with this. Here are two examples:


2. First, make sure you have a primary care physician that you respect and can talk to. They are a key resource and usually the second person you turn to on your health team for input. We all know the internet is the first 'person' we all turn to when researching health topics.

Research and interview clinicians to find your best matches. Best to do this before you urgently need them. Use online resources, read reviews, ask for referrals from friends and family...

3. Make an annual health plan so you don't keep putting off the routine visits and tests that are appropriate for your age. Some of us seem to treat our cars better than our bodies. Just like an oil change, get them scheduled and on the calendar and keep the appointments.

Don't forget the dentist, twice a year. Smile. It's the first thing people notice.

4. If you were to get sick, who would be your advocate? Who is the person that would go with you to appointments, be there during a procedure, take care of you? Whether it is a spouse, family member, or friend - having those discussions now will give you so much more peace of mind and support during an event because you are working your health plan and activating a planned support system rather than trying to figure out who is going to take the dog, or watch the kids.

None of us want to think about this but I view thinking about it, making a plan, working the plan, part of responsible adult-ing. For sure, our health plan may have more dimensions to consider as we age and many of us are very focused on prevention and living healthy lifestyles. That's why I'm so excited for the addition of the Healthy Women panel at this year's Women with Dynamic Purpose Conference.

We have assembled a terrific group of women to share their perspectives on healthy living with us including practicing yoga, meditation, chiropractic care, nutrition, life coaching, using essential oils, and managing health events.

Learn more or register today for the September 28th conference - spaces are filling up fast.

And I think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. The approach to healthy living and building a health team is opinion and no medical advice is actually being delivered, see your health care professionals for specific advice on your personal situations.

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