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Looking professional when the heat Is turned up

You thought July was hot? Ha! Welcome to August in Atlanta. We've entered the "I'm Melting" phase yet we still need to look polished, professional, and comfortable at work.

So how do we look "cool as a cucumber" when it's so dang hot?

1. Pick the right materials:

  • Wear moisture wicking materials, not cotton that likes to absorb and show it.

    • These can be sporty looking which can work in the Summer if you dress it up with a scarf or necklace.

  • Test out the latest base layers that promise wicking and no sweat stain benefits.

2. Light Layers

  • Hot, cold, and then hot again right. Be prepared for blasts of arctic air conditioning by having light layers, think gauzy top layers.

    • Look for great tops cut at interesting angles.

3. Loose but not billowing

  • Nothing tight will be comfortable, ever. Loose does not mean too big or boxy.

  • Look for items that skim instead of cling.

4. Minimize the make-up

  • If you're melting so will your face full of make-up.

  • Look for waterproof on anything you have to have on your face and don't forget your daily sunscreen.

5. Skirts and dresses

  • The secret of Southern ladies - they're just cooler.

  • Don't forget to pair them with professional but comfortable sandals.

    • You can often get away with a wedge but never a flip-flop or any shoe you would wear to the beach.

So stay cool, stay strong! Fall is around the corner! How do you stay cool at work?


Emmy Weber, Co-founder, Women With Dynamic Purpose

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