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Resiliency - ducking, weaving, and moving

The hits keep coming, right? All of us are rolling with the punches in a delicate, not always graceful dance, to duck, weave, and keep on moving forward. That's called resiliency and all successful professional women possess it in spades.

Our resiliency superpowers have never been tested like this before. I find myself often going back to the basics and resetting my inner compass to confirm my Purpose, Path, and Community.

My Purpose and goals are requiring frequent reviews and updates during this time and I find staying in tune with what I want or need to accomplish across both my personal and professional dimensions helps me to stay motivated and determined in the face of the inevitable unprecedented obstacles right now. I'm not kidding when I say this focus and review takes place on almost a daily basis. It's too easy to get off track or distracted so keeping my priorities front and center is key.

I look for slivers of silver linings where I can find them and I send up thanks for them often. I have not had this much focused time with my children and husband ever and the little things like eating more meals together should be savored. I've intentionally severely limited my t.v. consumption and silver lining I've been plowing through books and loving both the escape and the education that brings.

My Path which is my action plan is my lifeline. I need a plan of attack for each and every day. We are juggling more responsibilities and worries than ever before and we are doing that often times without our normal support system available.

Silver lining - remote work without the guilt! If you're on a Zoom work meeting and the dog barks or your husband forgets for the 100th time that the camera is on and walks behind you. Everyone laughs and keeps on going! Remember the old days when the kids were young and you were working from home with a sick child who you had to seriously bribe, threaten or cajole to stay quiet for 30 minutes while you were on the phone with your boss? Those days are history and I love the progress, on behalf of all working parents, it's about time!

My Community which is my professional network. I have needed them now more than ever and they need me. These are the people that seem to sense when you've gone to quiet and need a quick text or phone chat. These are the folks helping each other find new opportunities, give advice, or lend an ear as we look for ways to tackle challenges and opportunities at work, make an introduction and so much more.

Silver lining - as much as we love in person, our networks are worldwide and many people are more accessible right now than they ever have been. When your feeling overwhelmed or stuck - reach out. People can't help if they don't know what you need.

So, be as Dynamic as you Dare and keep on exercising that resiliency muscle, staying true to your Purpose, Path, and Community and supporting each other.

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