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Why Working Harder's Not Dead

I believe in the power of working smarter, but I also believe in the power of working harder. To be at the top of your game requires smarts and dedication, aka putting in the time. Success usually goes to those who want it more. Why? Because they work harder and smarter for it.

I like to play, the 'would I hire myself right now game?'

And I like to put the filter on it that I can only sell my skillset based on my last five years of work (experience) and education (continuing education, not degree history).

Well that changes things doesn't it?

But here's the reality, in my humble opinion, a higher value is placed on our most recent experience and we need to be able to sell ourselves on that and let our rich history and backgrounds naturally come out over the course of conversations. That truckload of experience, unfortunately, is not what is going to get our foot in the door.

So, if you are being honest with yourself, this approach will likely lead to some soul searching and then some action plans on how to shore up your game. It's now as important as ever to stay on top of your industry - every industry is experiencing rapid and disruptive changes.

I am not a fan of resting on my laurels or past experience. I focus on the now and the value I can deliver today. Personally, I don't think 'paying your dues' and then getting to coast was ever really a thing, but it certainly would not fly in today's work environments.

The good news is everyone can take immediate steps to step up their game, from taking online classes, attending a conference, to finally tackling that project you have been putting off.


Emmy Weber, Co-founder Women With Dynamic Purpose

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