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Will Your Resume Open Doors?

Your resume has one job and one job only, to help you get a conversation with someone who is hiring.

So, make it just interesting enough to get that callback. The way to make it interesting is to make it short, no more than two pages. I don't mean two pages of dense, small font, print. I mean two, easy-to-read pages.

Check out and use a resume template - you don't need to reinvent the world's best resume layout, that has already been done and there are tons to choose from. So, pick one that matches your personality and the tone of the types of jobs you are applying for.

De-Age Tips:

  • What personal email are you using? You might want to ditch your @yahoo, is that even still around, for a simple, professional, gmail account that you use solely for your job hunt. Make sure both sides of the @ are up-to-date and professional.

  • Drop your home address. This is less of an age thing, but certainly could date your resume format, and more of a, let's not get knocked out by geography before you've even had a conversation move.

Focus your resume on keywords that people looking for people like you would look for. This is important for any humans that might be reviewing it but it's crucial for the machine reading of your resume when you upload it to job sites.

De-Age Tips:

  • Focus your experience on the last 10 - 15 years. Create another type of section to cover at a high level, jobs further back. You do not have to list every job you have ever had in your life. Seriously, I know that's tough but it's true.

  • Drop the years for when degrees were obtained. Definitely, include on-going education certificates and classes. This shows you are always learning.

Join Women with Dynamic Purpose on Friday, November 1st for our annual meeting. This year's meeting is a workshop-style session where attendees will roll up there sleeves and go deep into practical tools, including updating resumes, to make sure they are ready to thrive in the face of any professional shift.


Emmy Weber, Co-founder, Women With Dynamic Purpose

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